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Irish Aid Supporting our T.Y. Programme 2013-2014

 St. Brendan’s is part of the Irish Aid Worldwise Global Schools (WWGS) Programme. The aim of this programme is to promote Development Education in Irish schools which is a vital part of Irish Aid’s efforts to tackle poverty and injustice and to safeguard human rights across the world.

Through this programme our T.Y. students this year have benefited and will continue to be involved in various projects and workshops to include:

  1. Art Workshop – This involved the creation of a clock displayed along the school corridor, illustrating the beauty of nature and the effects of global warming
  2. Racism Workshop – The aim of this workshop was to create a safe and supportive environment to allow students the opportunity to explore their thoughts, values and beliefs.
  3. Drumming Workshop – This workshop allowed students the opportunity to explore various cultural groups through the median of music.
  4. The Learning Project – This project involved the exchange of images and photo essays between Ireland and Vietnam. This project allowed students the opportunity to share their experiences on their participation in similar projects. This project has just started in our school and it is hoped that students can begin real dialogue through a digital story telling project.

Our school’s involvement in WWGS has heightened our sensitivity of people, places, culture and the environment we live in, while allowing us to critically think about Development Education themes.

 Daniel Larkin Transition Year Student


Drumming Workshop


Drumming workshop : One World Centre


Drumming workshop


Drumming workshop

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Climate Clock