Senior Cycle

Options for Senior Years

After junior Certificate, students have a number of options:

  • Traditional Leaving Certificate
  • Applied Leaving Certificate
  • Transition Year before going on to Leaving Certificate

Making an informed choice between these three options is a process for the individual student in consultation with parents and teachers. It is important that all those concerned should be realistic in their goals and expectations.

Traditional Leaving Certificate

One of the main features of the school has been the very wide choice of subjects available to students for the Leaving Certificate. Students are initially given an open choice of all available subjects.

When making subject choices students must keep in mind their gifts and future career plans. It must be borne in mind that some third level and career paths may require particular subjects. If one is undecided it is important to select a range of subjects, bearing in mind what one likes and is good at.

All students take lrish, English, Mathematics, Religious Education, Physical Education
plus four other subjects from the following:

French Agricultural Science Physics Biology
German Business Organisation Engineering Technical Drawing
Geography Accounting Chemistry Music
History Social & Scientific
(Home Economics)
Construction Studies Art

Leaving Certificate Vocational (L.C.V.P.)

This is not a separate programme but rather an enhancement of the traditional Leaving Certificate.

L.C.V.P. consists of 7 Leaving Cert. subjects plus 3 “Link Modules” which are short courses on:

1. Enterprise Education
Students meet and interview enterprising people in business and in their community. They plan and undertake activities with their class to develop self-confidence, creativity, initiative and enterprise.

2. Preparation for Work
Students develop their job-seeking skills, such as letter writing, C.V. presentation and interview preparation. They research and investigate local and national employment opportunities.

3. Work Experience
Students gain valuable and practical experience of the world of work. They investigate a variety of careers. They also interview or work-shadow a person in a career area that interests them and undertake work experience.