School Life

In these pages you will receive a brief insight into the service our school offers to your sons and daughters.

Your school, St. Brendan’s, responds to the broad range of abilities and aptitudes, from the most highly motivated and talented students to the students whose gifts are different and whose needs may be acute. St. Brendan’s responds to the broad range of intelligence types and human potential which have been identified by researchers in Educational Psychology. Beyond literary and mathematical talents there are the visual, spiritual, physical, inter-personal, musical and aesthetic capabilities which are often undernourished and underdeveloped.

St. Brendan’s has a powerful tradition of curriculum development and student care. New programmes designed to meet the needs of a society of change have been piloted and provided here for many years. These programmes are now being embraced by schools nationwide. Student Care Systems, Codes of Discipline, Management Structures, Parent Partnerships are all only now being adopted by other schools. These have long
been at the heart of our school.

This tradition of originality and achievement is of course attributable to the dedication, skill and commitment of our staff in their curricular and extra curricular work on behalf of our students.

St. Brendan’s is fortunate also in its excellent Parents Council which continues to play a central role in the development of physical amenities and of parent and community education.

By working closely with parents it is our firmly held belief that we are creating a learning environment in which our sons and daughters can be happy, safe and secure. This is the context in which they can grow in confidence to achieve all that they are capable of.