Guidance for Leaving Cert

Guidance for Leaving Certificate Students – Monthly Goal Setting 2012/13


  • Familiarise yourself with the 2012 CAO Points requirements.
  • Read through “Calendar of Career Events” and highlight events of interest to you.
  • Explore
  • can you shortlist course options???
  • – for those considering applying to Northern Ireland – U.K.
  • Guidance Appointment
  • Careers Interest/Assessment



  • Exam Preparation – Goal Setting/Targets
  • Read CAO HANDBOOK – Keep in a safe place!
  • Research and Shortlisting of UCAS Colleges and Courses – N. Ireland – U.K.
  • Check dates for UCAS applications. Closing date for Medicine/Dentistry/Veterinary/also Oxford & Cambridge Courses
  • Guidance Appointment


  • Where am I now?? – Shortlist of CAO Course Options
  • CAO Applications can be processed – no need to wait until the final deadline.
  • The CAO Online Application service is available from 12 noon on 1st November.
  • UCAS Applications – GC recommends UCAS Applications are paid and sent by 30th NOV.


  • Be aware of “Restricted Entry Courses” – may not be applied for after the 1st Feb 2013
  • UCAS Applications – Closing Date 15thJanuary


  • Finalise CAO Application – Read CAO Handbook Carefully
  • UCAS closing date, Jan 15  2011.


  • Focus on Preparation for Pre-exams/Project Work/Oral Preparation
  • Goal- setting/Targets
  • Research PLC  Options
  • Check dates for Interview/Portfolio Assessment for Restricted Entry Courses.


  • Debrief Pre-Exam Results
  • On-going research and checking on new course news on or careers notice-board
  • Please take note of Scholarship information and deadlines.




  • LCVP Exam
  • Check you have received a “Statement of Application Record” from CAO and verify that all information is correct! If you do not receive a Statement of Application Record by June 1st – contact CAO immediately.
  • For example, if you have an exemption from Irish you should ensure that you have made contact with the college directly

May – 1st July Change of Mind facility open to CAO Applicants


  • Leaving Certificate Exams begin 5th June 2013
  • Apply for Student Grant –  SUSI


  • Apply for Financial support / Grants/ Scholarships etc.



  • Exam results  14th Aug 2013
  • CAO offers Round 1 19th Aug – Check Places Available if you don’t receive an offer.
  • Finalise Accommodation and Finance

P. White, Guidance & Counselling,