LC results 2014

Wednesday 13th of August is a day that will remain etched in the minds of Leaving Certificate students all over the country. This of course was results day and the culmination of years of dedicated work on their part. The 2014 Class of St. Brendan’s Community School, Birr shared in the anxiety and stress of the occasion, as the long anticipated results arrived after months of waiting.

As soon as nerves were steadied and the envelopes opened anxiety quickly gave way to celebration. There were exclamations of joy and hugs of delight as the good news settled in. Indeed, many of the students had just cause to rejoice as the results at St. Brendan’s were the best any cohort had achieved. ‘Truly outstanding’ were the words several teachers used to describe their students’ achievements.

One St. Brendan’s student achieved 7 A1 grades on higher level papers. This is a truly remarkable accomplishment, considering that only 50 students nationwide achieved this result out of a total of almost 57,000 students who sat the Leaving Certificate this year. These results, while remarkable, were aptly matched by their cohort who in many cases scored above the national average in their chosen subjects. Four students scored between 600 and 625 points in their examinations. Overall the school was delighted to note that 15% or 20 students got between 500 and 625 points. The statistics also reveal that 43% of St. Brendan’s students got 400 or more points, with 70% of students getting 350 or more points.

St. Brendan’s has experienced a similar uptake to that reported nationally in higher level Maths. This is attributed to the new ‘Project maths’ course and the 25 bonus points available at this level.

The school is equally proud of the achievements of the 17 students who sat the Leaving Certificate Applied examination in 2014. Out of this group 12 of their members achieved the maximum grade of ‘Distinction’. A considerable feat when you consider this means that over 70% achieved top marks.

Speaking on results day, Principal Mrs. Ming Loughnane paid tribute to ‘A tremendous class group for their work ethic’. She referred to the fact that in addition to their undoubted dedication to their academic studies they had fully participated in all aspects of school life. Mrs. Loughnane also added her admiration for the ‘Inspirational teachers on the staff of St. Brendan’s who guided the pupils to these magnificent results.’ She concluded by wishing all of the Class of 2014 good health and happiness on their chosen paths in life.