Home Economics

Home Economics is an invaluable subject for any student, male or female. Junior Certificate Home Economics is a broad but relevant course which consists of 5 key areas:

1. Food Studies

Students learn about the nutrients, healthy eating and the importance of good nutrition.

2. Consumer Studies

Students will learn about budgeting, wise shopping & consumer laws. This is closely linked with Buisness Students

3. Health Studies

Students learn about body care, health hazards & general health.

4. Resource Management

Issues including the Environment, First Aid, appliances are studied.

5. Textile Studies

Students learn about production of textiles, fashion & interior design


As Home Economics is a practical subject, students learn important life skills through cookery(baking, hygiene, cooking) and textile classes (hand sewing, embroidery).


Junior Certificate Assessment:

Craft item with folder                                               15%

Practical Cookery Exam (Easter of 3rd yr)                 35%

Written Exam (June)                                                 50%

An Italian Themed Dinner


Junior Cert Wall hanging