Business Studies

It’s not easy these days trying to manage everything. What with study and sport, the phone credit to buy, budgeting for the weekend’s entertainment, and trying to save for those new jeans – there’s quite a lot to the ‘business of living’. Then there’s the future to think about, those plans to set up your own business, to become financially independent, to make a success of a new enterprise. And how are you expected to make sense of those reports on the Budget, inflation, and the impact of the Euro on the Irish economy?

The Business Studies course at Junior Cert level has been designed to prepare you for the real world, to help you make informed decisions in the everyday business of living, and to help you develop enterprise skills for a rapidly changing business environment.

Learning how to manage your personal finances is an important lifeskill which must be practised by everyone in a household or business context. Understanding the money system and your rights as a consumer will stand to you now and in the future. Knowing how companies operate, how business plans are constructed, and how products are marketed will give you an appetite for the world of commerce.

You will be introduced to accounting principles but you don’t need to be a wizard at figures – the emphasis is on understanding accountability and control, and communicating facts as an aid to decision-making.

By the time you have finished the course, you’ll have a healthy balance sheet to trade with for the senior cycle

Choosing Business Studies in St. Brendan’s Community School, Birr will be the first step in many a glittering business career.

Dont miss out and start on that career path today!