Job Description for Deputy Principal

Job Description

DEPUTY Principal

(C & C Sector)

Post Summary


The overall responsibility of the Deputy Principal is to assist the Principal in the management of the school.


Besides the discharge of specific administrative and management duties, the Deputy Principal also exercises a leadership and motivational role in the direction of the school enterprise. Together the Principal and Deputy Principal form the senior management team of the school, he/she must work in tandem to fulfil the aims and objectives of the school. That teamwork is also broadened to include the post holders to form part of the management team and the staff whose co-operation and commitment are also vital to the achievement of the goals of the school.


The Deputy Principal is required to deputise for the Principal in his/her absence in all matters organisational/administrative and in relation to discipline within the school.


The Deputy Principal must be willing to work in conjunction with/under the direction of the Principal.


Notwithstanding the maximum number of teaching hours, the Deputy Principal will normally be required to be in attendance in the school throughout the school day.


The Deputy Principal will also be required by the Board of Management to be present in the school for periods during the State Examinations and for other periods outside the normal opening hours and days of the school such as may be necessary from time to time. The Deputy Principal must be at the school 30 mins. pre start and 30 mins post finish time to supervise pupils at the entrance and exit of the school.


Reporting/Accountability Relationship


The Deputy Principal shall report to the Principal.


Key Areas of Responsibility

The Deputy Principal, in collaboration with the Principal, shall have responsibility for the following key areas:

Leader of Teaching & Learning

  • Assist the Principal in developing a school environment which is supportive of learning and high achievement among the students.
  • Develop and provide appropriate learning and curriculum programmes and methods of instruction that meet the needs of all students in the school and timetabling to support them.
  • Promote effective teaching and learning practices across the school.
  • Assist in the development of the school curriculum and assessment policies.
  • Develop and implement systems for recording individual pupils’ progress and ensure that parents are informed regularly of the progress of their children at the school.
  • Assist the Principal in supporting the monitoring and evaluation of teaching and learning across the school and contribute to school self-evaluation and the development of improvement plans.


Leader – School Development

  • Assist the Principal in the re-evaluation of the purpose, objectives and activities of the school in line with School Self-Evaluation Guidelines from the Department of Education and Skills Inspectorate.
  • Assist the Principal in developing the education aims and objectives of the school and devising strategies to achieve them.
  • Assist the Principal in co-ordinating the school plan and policies for approval by the Board of Management.


Leader – People & Teams

  • Develop a good working relationship with the Principal, teaching staff and ancillary staff.
  • Treat all staff with respect and develop positive relationships.
  • Assist the Principal in promoting ongoing staff development and in-service and in the identification of the staffing needs of the school – i.e. teaching and support staff.
  • Co-ordinate Staff Development and organise Staff Days.
  • Assist the Principal in advising the Board of Management as to a probationary teacher’s suitability for continued employment in the school.



  • Develop effective communication systems with pupils, staff, parents and the wider community.
  • Maintain effective relationships with the stakeholders involved (ETB, CE, BOM, staff, students, parents, Parents Association, Student Council and the wider school community).
  • Communicate with students, staff and parents in a positive, friendly and professional manner.
  • Implement the Code of Behaviour and all school policies with an understanding of their rationale.
  • Liaising with the school union representatives on matters relating to the school.




Organisational Management and Administrative Skills

  • As a member of the Senior Management team responsibilities may include the day to day management of the school, including the planning and overseeing of the daily time tabling of classes.
  • For dealing with matters of student discipline, in the promotion of good order and general supervision between classes.
  • Be responsible for the roster of absent teachers and the implementation of and monitoring of the Supervision and Substitution Scheme.
  • Establishment and maintenance of effective data management systems such as student records, teacher records, attendance, purchasing procedures and timetables.
  • Break time and lunch time supervision.
  • Morning supervision prior to school opening.
  • Being available for the duration of the State examinations in June and be available in August in preparation for the return of students and teachers as necessary.
  • Prepare a summary of results of the State Exams for the Board of Management.
  • Assist at open days and nights and award nights, Graduation Function and Graduation Mass.
  • Assist with the enrolment/assessment of the First Year Cohort.
  • Assist in ensuring the security of the school building and safe keeping of property.
  • Conduct the ordinary activities of correspondence, making reports and returns of information as required by the Department of Education and the Board of Management and ensuring that arrangements are made for dealing with such administrative matters during vacation periods.
  • Comply with the lawful orders of the BOM and with the rules and requirements of the Minister for Education & Skills.
  • Chairing middle management meetings as necessary.
  • Pre-planning, for time-tabling and timetabling design – liaising with department co-ordinators, assigning teachers to classes etc.
  • Setting out expectations and standards for teachers with on-going support and motivation.
  • Attendance at subject department/programme meetings for curriculum planning as necessary.
  • Membership of Staff Advisory Body/Finance sub-committee, Health & Safety, Curriculum Planning and other relevant sub-committees
  • Arrange for appointments of part-time/substitute teachers.
  • S.E. Inspection Process – preparation of documentation and recording of initial meetings and exit conference with Inspectors.
  • School improvement/school development planning.
  • Promotion and co-ordination of Annual Awards for Leaving Certs.
  • Liaison with colleges re Higher Diploma in Education students on teaching practice.
  • Locker Allocation.
  • Supervision of Ancillary Staff – Cleaners and Caretakers
  • Co-ordinate with Voluntary Bodies – St. Vincent De Paul / Lions Club /Credit Union etc.
  • Logistics for all major events – Deputy’s responsibility in association with relevant middle management and staff.
  • Prepare Sixth Year References:-

Set up file and invite staff to make necessary entries

With the help of this file prepare a draft reference for each Sixth Year           Student.

  • Assist with Department of Education forms and school correspondence in conjunction with the Principal and School Secretary.


Self-Awareness and Self-Management

  • Appreciate the importance of the Principal/Deputy Principal relationship, the relationship with other members of the school community and the importance and overall impact of effective working relationships.
  • Set a good standard of professional interactions and ensure professional relationship boundaries are in place.
  • Be aware of his/her skill set and be willing to seek help and advice when required.
  • Uphold professional integrity at all times, e.g. discretion, confidentiality, loyalty and trust.


Note:  In accordance with the DES Circulars the Deputy Principal shall enter into an agreement with the Principal to undertake certain administrative duties from time to time, commensurate with the responsibilities of the position.


These points are indicative of the post but not exhaustive.

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