Student Care

St. Brendan’s seeks to ensure that from the very beginning each student feels secure and happy in school. When your child enters this school he/she will join a class-group of not more than twenty-four students.

Each class group is assigned a Tutor

The role of the Tutor is:

  • To help your child to feel secure and valued.
  • To encourage the total development of each student in the group.
  • To maintain regular contact with you, the parents.

Each Year Group is under the care and guidance of a Year-Head

The role of a Year-Head is:

  • To monitor the academic progress of the year group.
  • To record attendance and punctuality.
  • To organise the curriculum for each group.
  • To monitor the behaviour of the group and ensure compliance with our Code of Discipline.

The Principal and Deputy Principal have overall responsibility for student welfare.

Class Teachers are constantly ensuring the progress and development of students, both academically and socially. The Chaplains are another vital part of our Student Care System and provide a listening ear and counselling service.

Our Tutor and Year-Head system ensures that your son or daughter is cared for as a unique individual. Senior Students and Prefects play a key role in our school community. On our introductory day for first years, and during the early weeks of the school year, senior students help the new pupils to become familiar with their new surroundings. Seniors also work with teachers during the year to organise activities and events for first years.