Learning Enviroment

Our mission statement outlines our aim of creating a caring community of learning. A number of factors contribute to a good learning environment.

These include:

  • A secure and happy atmosphere.
  • Modern, up-to-date facilities in each subject area.
  • A broad curriculum with freedom to choose subjects and courses suited to individual needs.
  • An opportunity to study each subject at the highest level.
  • Encouragement to strive for excellence.
  • Provision of opportunities for individual growth and development.
  • Support from teachers.
  • Opportunities for students to express themselves.
  • Leadership and responsibility from the student body.
  • Disciplined responsible attitude.

St. Brendan’s Community School offers each student an opportunity to become part of our community of learning and to contribute to the learning environment.

We encourage the students to:

  • Take a positive role in the life of the school.
  • Become involved in school activities.
  • Contribute in any way he/she can to a happy and productive school atmosphere.
  • Enter with whole-hearted effort into their work.
  • Strive to attain the highest standards.
  • Develop their own unique talents.

Respect is the foundation upon which a productive atmosphere is built. Self respect, respect for others and respect for property are the ground rules on which our code of conduct is based. It is within this atmosphere of respect and care that worthwhile achievements are made.

The Code of Behaviour and Discipline was drawn up by teachers, parents and Board of Managment to facilitate a positive learning environment. Details of our Code of Discipline and sanctions are outlined in each student’s homework journal. Where students fail to achieve their potential parents are informed immediately.

Parents have a vital role in encouraging study and in supporting students in their learning process. The school continually strives to encourage closer home school links, and contact between home and school is always welcome.